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Online privacy is now a common subject of conversation. Everyone seems to agree that it would be great to have more control over our personal data, but when it comes to actually making an effort to obtain privacy, very few are willing to walk the walk.

Maybe we don’t quite grasp the value of online privacy.

Maybe we don’t believe keeping our data to ourselves is even possible.

Whatever the reason for our global inaction is, I just want to point out what might be a root cause of the problem ➡ Tech companies had to start using our private…’s smilling logo, next to’s logo frowning’s smilling logo, next to’s logo frowning

The promise of is enticing and seems to make sense. We’ve all experienced working with music that puts us right in the flow and we’ve all experienced the opposite. For me, music with lyrics, especially easy-to-understand lyrics in my native language, never suited working on complex problems. The more I need to focus, the more I need my music to fade in the background of my mind.

How about music designed to do just that? That’s what offers:

Functional music to improve focus in 15 minutes

Our science-first approach creates music that sounds different–and affects your brain differently–than…

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If you get advice from, say, Bear Grylls, it’s probably valuable advice. But if you get the same advice from Bear Grylls, the Dalaï Lama, Bill Gates and 6 dead philosophers, it has to be some important piece of wisdom.

Over years of self-help material consumption, I’ve noticed some advice keeps on being repeated in various forms by various people. I assume there is value in those messages and I’ll try to distill that advice in this slick listicle, with my own little twist on them.

1- Have a routine

What a boring start, right? Yet I’ve read and heard about the virtues of…

Sticky password’s logo with a “meh” emoji next to it
Sticky password’s logo with a “meh” emoji next to it

This publication, Tech Reviews, only published positive reviews since its beginning. So I thought I’d write about a product I do not love for a change: Sticky Password.

Who’s writing this?

I am a programmer who uses Sticky Password as a personal password manager on MacOS, I used the Chrome extension for a while but gave up on it and used the native MacOS application for 2 years, alongside the native Android version.

I paid a tiny 39.99$US for a lifetime license. It was a special deal during 2018’s black Friday sale.

The Good Parts


At 39.99US for a lifetime license, I can’t really complain on…

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My quest for the perfect keyboard continues… In early 2019 I got the Ergodox EZ, then I tried the Dygma Raise but went back to the Ergodox.

Onto my third ergonomic keyboard: the Zergotech Freedom. The philosophy behind this keyboard is to give as much ergonomic benefits to its users while minimizing the learning curve of a new design. I was intrigued.

First Impressions

I’m writing this part of the review literally less than an hour after receiving the Zergotech Freedom.

My first impressions are very good. The sliding palm rests feel…


In their own words, “Arc is a peer-to-peer Content Delivery Network”. Basically, a tiny portion of your users’ bandwidth and CPU will be used to power Arc’s CDN. Arc promises that “it never impacts the user experience” and anyone can join the network, whether you have a single or a million monthly visitors.

Generating money from any kind of website without charging your users or showing them ads is an enticing promise. So I gave it a try!

Note that I’m not using Arc as a way to serve my assets, so this blog post is not about how fast…

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The Ingredients:

  • Netlify as a hosting solution (I heard Vercel is just as tasty.)
  • Stripe as a payment platform
  • FaunaDB as a database (Only needed to keep track of an inventory)
  • Svelte and Sapper to build the front-end (Could be replaced with any decent front-end tools that exports to static)
  • SendGrid to send email confirmations
  • Cloudinary to host images (Optional)

Wanna Taste?

Live demo:

(Use card `4242 4242 4242 4242` with an expiration date somewhere in the future to go through the whole checkout process.)

Source code:

Where’s the catch?

Stripe will charge you 2,9 % + 0,30$ on every transaction, but only if you…

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What a pleasure to start a project with a clean slate! Are there any words more beautiful than git init? Just gotta decide what my tools will be.

More and more, the Jamstack is the way to go. But the market is still astonishingly biased towards Wordpress, it never seems to go out of fashion. Shouldn’t I learn that?

No, I want an actual web app. I want it to be fast and secure, too. Wordpress isn’t cool. Managing servers isn’t cool. Jamstack is much better. Moving on!

Modern web apps are built with modern front-end frameworks. React is the…

Who’s writing this?

I’m a web developer who started his ergonomic/mechanical keyboard journey just over a year ago with the Ergodox EZ, for which I also wrote a review on Medium: Ergodox EZ Review — Thoughts after 3 months of regular use. I bought my Dygma Raise when they were still in pre-production and received it in early January 2020.

Key points:

  • I use the Dygma Raise to type French, English and code (not for gaming).
  • I’ve put my fingers on a few mechanical keyboards, but my only solid reference is the Ergodox EZ.
  • 99.9% of my experience with the Raise is with…

Highlining is the sport of slacklining at heights that justify the use of a harness. The experience is unique for everyone, but it generally involves being scared and lonely on a 2.5cm moving piece of webbing.

It’s fun!

The average layman often thinks of highlining as a sport for adrenaline junkies, but you actually need to be calm and focused to cross lines, especially longer ones.

In fact, many highliners find their sport akin to meditation. I’d say it’s like a cheat to get into a state of meditation; you have to be focused, so you let your thoughts fly…

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